Employee Database Management

Employee Database Management

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Employee Database Management: With HRMally’s centralized cloud database, you can organize, manage, and access all the employees’ data from a single interface. With this robust Cloud-based Human Resource Management Software, you can manage employee’s employment details, immigration and visa details, and employee documents, and so on. It helps the organization eliminate manual administrative work and record data in a single organized, accessible database in your own languages like English and Arabic.

  • Employment Details: Create new employees in the database and manage complete employment details like employee name, joining date, designation, employment status, type, emergency contact details, dependents details, experience details, and it’s a location with ease.
  • Immigration and VISA Details: View your company’s employee immigration and VISA details effortlessly. This solution is designed for HR admins and managers to seamlessly access and store the employee details.
  • Employee Documents: Standardize and automate your document process with HRMally. View the real-time dashboard, showcasing employee documents, and also upload the required document in the same way. Easy access to all employee documents from anywhere.
  • Employee Assets: Easily manage the data of assets like a laptop, mobile phones, SIM cards, ID cards, etc with proper details and access them anytime and crosscheck them while employee exits.
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