Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

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Automate and manage the organization’s staffing and recruiting operations. From posting your jobs to keep applicants engaged and connected, HRMally Recruitment Management Solution enables you to manage your entire staffing and recruiting process

  • Requisition Request: Manage and record the information and raise the requisition at the time you need it. HRMally helps you inefficient operation using requisition and vacancy window.
  • Job Vacancy and Application: Create job vacancies and manage the application for an organization, location, job, position, grade, group, recruiter, or recruitment activity without any hurdle.
  • Interview Management: Schedule an interview and conduct it with a higher level of efficiency. With HRMally, you can easily run the interview process with online scheduling, feedback and selection process.
  • Candidate Document and Visa Processing: Easily manage and record the selected candidate’s documents and seamlessly do the task of VISA processing.
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