Attendance Management

Attendance Management

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Manage the attendance of your organization’s employees with ease. HRMally is a one-stop HRMS solution that enables you to maintain a soundtrack of employee’s attendance, their entry and exit time, and much more with ease. The solution supports multiple languages that help the organization to streamline the work with ease.

  • Attendance tracking and regularization: Track your employees’ attendance and regularize it as per the organization’s policy in the best way through HRMS solution.
  • Biometric Integration: Ensure the biometric integration for your employees’ digital attendance and manage their attendance data with ease.
  • Geo and IP Tracking: Through HRMally, you have the option where you can track the IP and Geolocation of an employee working at different locations.
  • Shift Scheduling (Roster): Schedule the employee’s shift and notify them about it with ease. This HRMS solution efficiently manages the roster system.
  • Daily Working Hour Calculation: Easily manage and track the working hour of the employees and calculate it with advanced HR solution.
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