An HRMALLY - Human Resources Management System is a computer oriented (computerized) system that achieves two very important functions: Primarily, it facilitates accessing and analyzing all the Personal Data. In other words, HRMALLY serves as a means to collect and organize the data of workforce and this data can be used as an input to the Human Resource Planning function. Secondly, the HRMALLY facilitates the usage of that data to carry out varied functions related to the organization’s HR Department. Different software modules of the HRMALLY are used for recording as well as administering Personal information and functions. The biggest advantage of using an HRMALLY is that it is all-embracing and it can handle all the data and HR processes for all the organizational functions. It is easily integrated and conveniently accessible by a common computer interface. It allows superior Data Management and Reporting.

Efficient Recruitment Processes

HRMALLY facilitates greatly in the Recruitment processes and also in the Probation of a newly joined Employee. It processes all the essentialities regarding to the Recruitment/Training processes. Advanced notifications to the Managers and Leads are sent. It accesses the important documents of the employee and provides a very well defined and accurately managed probation process for him/her. Enjoy high-level recruitment and vacancy management with this module.

Highlights of this full-featured HR recruitment aid include:


• Assign hiring managers for identified vacancies

• Integrate job postings and receipt of resumes from your website

• Create a resume repository

• Create shortlists using resume parsing to detect keywords and review resumes

• Automated best match candidate shortlisting

• Configure screening questionnaires

• Schedule and calendar interviews

• Integrate hiring data with PIM upon hire


Training Management

Accelerate your excellence by the evaluating and training each employee. Panacea’s HRMALLY Software Training Management module enables you to analyze training needs, nominate employees for training programs, schedule training’s and track. You will have full control for training course, the training duration, whether it’s mandatory or optional and track it with customized reminders, reports. You can also give customized badges for completion of training along with 5 star rating. Create and track training courses with this high-performance Training module from HRMALLY Software. Skills development and retention is essential in any industry. Align your training efforts in this one, easy-to-use HR module.

Take advantage of capabilities including:


• Develop and manage employee training courses from a centralized location

• Allocate and manage budgets for training sessions

• Manage training staff for each session

• Track completion of training programs for career succession planning

• Create course material including ppts, videos, images etc.


Employee Management

The commitment and dedication of the employees can be ensured by implementing a great HR software. The HRMALLY will show a gesture of your care towards your staff and will help them notice that the company is concerned about the employee welfare and wellbeing. The significant effects of this are a happier and a more vibrant staff and the resulting reduced absence rates and increased performance. As an HR you can manage each employee’s record without much hassle. Everything will be on one secured location and just one click does it for you. Enjoy easy storage and use of your personnel data with the Personnel Information Management (PIM) module of HRMALLY Software. Time is money and you save both with this robust employee records system that offers a wide array of benefits including:


• Build comprehensive employee profiles in a centralized data base

• The PIM module captures and creates data sets that include employee, job and salary history, hiring and termination information and more

• Generate reports using flexible filters and selection criteria

The PIM module gives you the power of a fully-staffed HR department.


Performance Management

The HRMALLY will help you develop your staff by helping you to plot the performance graph of your employee. The parameters that you can use to measure your employee performance are training courses, appraisals, experience, efficiency and much more. Hence the HR department can use all this data to plot the development of the staff which will be usable for planning the future of the employees.

Performance assessment is a natural HR task. The Performance module of HRMALLY Software simplifies and speeds your performance review process. Create self-scaling job evaluations based on specific key performance indicators. Coordinate your evaluation process and fine-tune performance objectives with this module.

Employee Self Service

This module enables your employees to access their personal information and update the sections which you allowed them to update via access rights. Give your employees the ability to access and maintain their own record - change of address, marital status, dependents, etc. - to help ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date. Automatic notifications are sent to the HR personnel to take timely action. You can control the sections and information whether it can directly updated to the database or authority approval will required.

Leave Management

Leave management is one of the important features to ensure proper functioning of a system. Improper leave management will almost every time result in jeopardizing the smooth running of a business for example, consider the situation when all your employees decide to take a leave on the same day. What a fix! HRMALLY tracks this for you. Chart booking annual leaves, pro-rata entitlement and confirmations of holiday requests are a few services an HRMALLY will offer you.

Use the Leave/Time off Management module to process employee leave requests with ease. This highly flexible module integrates calendaring and company leave policies to support and monitor employee time off. Whether you need to generate graphical reports or program automatic E-mail notifications for staff on leave, this module meets your needs.

Highlights of this comprehensive Leave management module include:


• Leave/time off types

• Customized holidays calendar for accurate leave calculation

• Configurable work weeks

• Custom leave years (calendar or financial year)

• Record leave restriction and other compliance rules

• Create time off settings based on defined employee criteria

• Trigger E-mail notifications on all leave transactions

• Run graphical reports, extractions and dashboard integration


Automating the Daily Workflow

A daily workflow generation is important as it greatly reduces the mismanagement and wastage of resources and improves greatly how an employee puts in his involvement in the employee work hours. A regularized interaction regarding the daily tasks, client meetings and all the related aspects are addressed and monitored closely and efficiently.

HRMALLY Software lets you configure mail alerts for improved workflow, create checklists to track tasks, schedule reminders for key events, set multi-level approvals and integrate with third party APIs. By automating the vast majority of your everyday HR activities, HRMALLY Software eliminates redundancy, increases accuracy, and ensures your data is always timely and complete.

Highlights of this comprehensive Leave management module include:


• Email Alerts

• Multi-level Approval

• Reminders

• Checklist


Event Management

HRMALLY software gives you full flexibility to create custom events for your organization. This module includes a fully customized event calendar where you can view the events by date / time slots. You can add your employees to attend the event and track the stats. An automated event reminders will notify to recipients beforehand, so you will always ahead of time.

Payroll Management

The data regarding the Payrolls of various employees and the periodic appraisals can be managed via HRMALLY. The complexity of an important task like Payroll Management is reduced greatly by the HRMALLY.

Accurately assessing performance, optimizing budgets, improving compliance, and reducing manual errors, all of this leads to better business execution and is as demanding as ever. Eliminate the pain points found in traditional payroll systems with intuitive payroll setups and management tools. Payroll is an automated tool which deals with all the aspects of your organization’s Payroll system and has a flexible and intuitive configuration. A single but comprehensive rules-based engine and extensible platform with an ever growing list of country extensions enable you to produce multinational payrolls that fully comply with your requirements. It helps to state, compute and deliver employees pay in multiple currencies. Country specific regulations, legal frameworks, statutory compliances, time and attendance data, collective labor agreements, social security regulations, pensions, government reporting and tax deductions that make international payroll a complex environment to navigate are all easily managed by using Payroll module. HRMALLY Software enables you to consolidate the payroll functions from your corporate HQ and also enter and access payroll data from anywhere in the world. The system acts as a common framework which integrates all the people, processes, systems and service providers that make up the payroll cycle.

Highlights of this comprehensive Payroll module include:


• Comprehensive rule based system that is ideal for companies with multiple country options.

• Consolidate the payroll functions from your corporate HQ and enter and access payroll data from anywhere in the world.

• Ability to define pay grade, payslip components, pay period etc.

• Unlimited number of salary components such as overtime, bonus, allowances etc.

• Calculations are done automatically to avoid human errors.

• Define earnings, deductions, leave, tax etc.

• Tax tables for any number of taxing entities.

• Manage salary/ pay advance.

• Handle claims and reimbursements.

• Generate various important reports reducing paper work.

• Export reports in formats such as pdf, excel.

• Sophisticated dashboard with relevant graphs to support decision making.

• All the standard features are available on tablets and mobiles which make it all the more easier to access from anywhere and at any time.


Unlimited Document Storage

The main advantage of using a HRMally software is that it will ideally reduce the involvement of paper documentation to zero. All the documents, manuals and policies etc. can be stored, managed and accessed via the software. Create different document templates such as, employee contracts, appointment letters, employee termination letters and export these documents from employee profiles into PDF for printing. The document manager makes it easy to create, distribute and store documents that are confidential and/or specific to a particular function such as on-boarding a new employee, completing a performance review, or any other task.

The documents are facilitated with categories which you can create as per your need.

Onboarding and Off-boarding of Data

Make the best use of your human resources with the HRMALLY onboarding and off-boarding data module. Tracking paperwork and policies during your recruitment and termination phases is essential to efficient and secure corporate management. Increase productivity and decrease risk of legal issues related to the hiring cycle with this full-featured module.

During recruitment or termination, supervise important tasks from the easy-to-use central dashboard, including:


• Manage background screening and reference checks

• Handle technology credentials and create security access prior to start date

• Ensure regulatory, safety and security policies are covered and communicated

• Assign event owners to ensure accountability and easy tracking

• Schedule reminders to administrative and supervisory staff

• Generate reports on the progress of the onboarding or off-boarding process


Use this flexible module to manage new hires or terminations individually or in batches. In addition to management of employee information, this powerful module offers your enterprise essential risk-management and compliance support during transitions.

Time & Attendance Management

Capture and review attendance and timesheet data with efficiency and ease with this module. You can view or create reports from information. Strengthen HR strategic decision-making and reduce employee downtime with this flexible attendance management module.

Replace your manual time and attendance tasks with this module. Capture and manipulate time sheet and attendance data, save valuable HR time and eliminate delays in understanding workforce attendance trends.

Key features of the Time and Attendance Management module include:


• Capture information entered manually or through upload of information from a biometric device

• Track time information for individuals, defined projects or tasks

• View detailed attendance and timesheet data

• Improve HR and workforce productivity


Use this flexible module to manage attendance records and it automates the payroll too.


The Dashboard module integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display. The module gives you a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, quick launch panel and reporting functions. The Dashboard module provides you with real-time information via an easy-to-use interface.

Highlights of the module include:


• Integration of information from modules throughout the system

• Graphical representation of HR functions including real-time lists of pending tasks, trending graphs and reports

• Gives you onboard, centralized control of your HR management



Post organizational announcements regularly to keep your employees up-to-date. You can share concise messages like “John appointed as new Sales Manager”, “New joiners meeting with CEO at 05 hours”, “Merry Christmas to one and all!” etc. The messages you post will be displayed under the announcements section in dashboard. In this way, you can share organizational announcements to all employees and can keep them in the loop. You can also share this message to a set of people you like by specifying the email ID of the employees.

System Administration & User Roles

With the same streamlined flexibility of HRMALLY software provides HR managers with centralized system administration. The System Administration module is packed with tools to create data sets, extract reports and create a well-functioning and organized HR environment. The System Administration module of HRMALLY software gives you centralized HR capabilities along with robust features to smoothly perform administrative tasks.

Key capabilities of this module include:


• Define and create master data sets like job titles, pay grades and employment status

• Identify company structure and organization

• Create audit trails to monitor changes and enhance security

• Set up event notifications like contract or license expiration or birthdays

• Publish news, announcements and HR policies

• Manage each sections visibility / access to other users

• Create unlimited users, departments, and hierarchy of organization


Customized to match with your organization’s brand

The HRMALLY software is fully flexible to match the look and feel of your organization’s logo, your desired color. You can customize the reports as per your choice including the font color, logo, taglines etc. So, it will always match with you.

Multilingual and RTL (right to left) support

The HRMALLY is built with multilingual facilities, by default it provides Arabic as language, although, you can choose your desired language and manage parameters with easy to use tool provided in built. The entire site will be functional in RTL language. Also visible for mobile devices in responsive layout.

Holiday Calendar

You can create your own holiday calendar which will be directly linked with leave and attendance module. The holiday calendar will be visible to all the employees which you allowed to.

Mobile Apps

The HRMALLY software also provides mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Using these apps, the HRMALLY software will be always available with you and your employees. The Mobile apps makes your HR environment as adaptable as you are. Enjoy the power and flexibility to monitor and manage HR services when you are away from the office. Use your Android device, iPhone or iPad to review requests for leave, manage a personal profile and timesheets. When you need access to your HRMALLY system, this intuitive app has the features you need—where you need them. Manage critical HR features with the mobile application wherever you go in the world. When you are out of the office or away from your main HRMALLY software, use the mobile app to handle daily functions like:


• Clock in and out of work

• Apply for leave

• Monitor leave, accept or reject applications for leave

• Manage or review personal profiles

• Review or monitor leave and attendance reports

• Submit timesheets

• Approve/Reject timesheets


Regardless of the size of your enterprise, you and your employees need daily access to HR functions.

Disciplinary Tracking

It is important to document all steps associated with handling discipline with staff. Now with HRMALLY software you can track and maintain all cases and actions with ease. It is important to document all steps associated with handling discipline with staff. Now with HRMALLY Software you can track and maintain all cases and actions with ease.

Highlights of the module include:


• Case creation by admins and supervisors

• Seamless integration with Document Templates

• Action pool for processing

• Action history


Asset Tracker

Combining integrated asset management with preventative maintenance features, the Asset Tracker module offers exceptional value to managers and administrative users. Improve operational efficiency, tighten inventory control and maintain detailed asset information and status with this robust inventory management module. Enjoy added value and vigorous inventory control capabilities with the Asset Tracker module.

Benefits of this money-saving module include:


• Maintain immediate location and status of inventory

• Eliminate manual inventory bookkeeping errors

• Reduce the time needed to track and inventory assets

• Maintain a full history of ownership, service and purchase details

• Track warranty, brand and other information


Maintain control of your company inventory with one centralized application.

Form & Report Customization

Forms are the structured representation of data. In this module there are pre-defined forms like Employee, Department, Designation, Leave forms, Training forms etc., to manage employees' information more effectively. Apart from the pre-defined forms, custom forms can also be created to build a module.

Live Video Interview

This feature will help HR personnel to arrange the interview online with video streaming. The interview can be save for future reference. This module will help to lineup more interviews efficiently and easily.

Keyword Search within submitted resume

This feature will automatically read the resume of applicant for defined keywords for respective job profile. And according to keyword match, the “Best Matching Profile” can be highlighted. This feature will reduce a lot of work to read and decide the best match candidate for respective job profile. Along with, HR can create custom questioner to match the best candidate.

Question bank for Job Application

This feature will facilitate HR to choose from predefined question bank within system. This feature can be apply to specific job application, so when candidate is applying for job, he will fill from this question bank which will help to decide the right candidate

Rewards and Recognitions

This is really excited feature which will encourage your employees for their work. Using this module, you can define several criteria to define the “Reward” which will automatically handled by software.

Internal Messaging System

This feature will facilitate HR and employees to communicate with each other without using any external email client. This feature will hold all the functionalities as your existing email client is providing (i.e. Inbox, Draft, Sent, Trash etc.)

Personal Assistant

This module will facilitate user to notify on the activities within the software like Reminders of upcoming interviews, todos, events etc.

Chat within the system

This feature will facilitate facebook like chat system to talk with any personal within the system.

Several Predefined Themes

You will get more than 20 premium themes for your account. Using these themes you can do your own customized look for your HRMally account.

Internal Classifieds

This feature will facilitate to post classifieds within organization by any employee. These classifieds will be visible to all employees.

Inter-organization ecommerce portal

This section will facilitate you to post your own products for your employees to purchase. All the ecommerce features will be managed by HRMally.


This feature will facilitate you to create categorized topics on which the user / employees can view / comment.

Social Portal

This section will be available for all of your employees having facebook like facilities to post messages on wall, chat, create events etc.