Ethics of Modern Day Motherhood in HR

All the hype about Apple and Facebook’s announcement to offer female workers egg freezing as a health plan benefit, there is a lot of noise about the ethics regarding this. It is a not a question of good or bad, it is about the modern day working women and the choices they make. It can be a huge factor in deciding how the world is going to look like in the future, whether it will be a lot of single or married women preferring to be childless or saving it for later. The Human Resource of Corporate giants have already decided for them and have suggested a whole new benefit plan in this regard. The bitter sweet side effects of increasing pressure on women to do well and beyond their scope. The horizons to any limits they might stretch are blurry and it is always a step into more and more if there is a choice. No matter what you believe is right or wrong you can always question the authenticity of the technicality of the procedure.

This pressure has left a bitter feeling amongst a few factions of the society that look at it differently and have been actively debating the ethics and degeneration of the world’s perspective about success. The issue is far deeper than it seems and has a lot of room for discussions and solutions that present a win-win situation for all. The idea seems to be a bit sketchy but we can hope that the companies and women both thrive and co-exist without harming and breaching the limits.