New immigration reform and its effects on HR

The mind boggling scenario that pops up is how the HR is going to tackle this situation when things would start getting a bit too loud and out in the open. There will be a whole lot of legal framework that would need to be shaped up accordingly. The demand for an evolved much comprehensive solution is on the rise, everyone wants to know if their existing system has the capacity to deal with this. The answers aren’t quick and comforting. With a huge influx of people that would shift towards a legal status, they would require paper work for job entitlement as well. The quest for a larger more equipped mechanism is not a blurry farfetched dream, it has to be met on urgent basis or it can result into a major crisis. The work is tedious and fruits to reap are immense if done on the emergency basis.

The workload would pose a mega challenge but if the situation is so dire, there is also a promise of new and upcoming comprehensive Human Resource Management solutions in the market .Which means a whole lot of new wave of startups in that direction. The old fishes if they want to stay afloat will have to beat the upcoming tide with innovation. However, the problem lies solely in the hands of new companies and their tactful outlook at the policy introduced. The buzz word is that the investors are looking into it and are more than ready to take this task up, provided the company involved has the right amount of dedication to make it up to the mark. The gold standards are not just performance over here, it is about the cutting edge technology that would go behind it. Those that get their hand dirty now would prove to know that the timing is right.